Why You Shouldn’t Choose Orlando Pest Control For Your Bee Removal

Orlando Pest Control

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Orlando Pest Control For Your Bee Removal

Here’s why you should NOT choose Orlando pest control for your bee removal and instead, opt-in for the more humane approach for removing bees.

Why Bees are in Need

It can not be stressed enough. Bees are an essential part of the ecosystem. They pollinate a large portion of the plants that serve up our foods. 85 percent of all food crops that are consumed by humans are directly related to bees pollinating those plants.

With issues affecting bees, such as colony collapse disorder, decimating whole populations of bees, now’s the time more than ever to ensure that no bee is ever left behind and exterminated.

Here are some statistics about bees:

  • One in every three things you eat are the product of bees pollination
  • One bee colony can pollinate roughly 300 million flowers every single day
  • Bees pollinate a large portion of fruits, nuts and vegetables

Orlando Pest Control

Depending on the pesticides used, your colony of bees may not be the only bees decimated by the toxins. If a hive is left alone, bees will find the abandoned hive and take the honey.

This honey would be infected by the pesticide and then go on and kill that other hive. Situations like this occur all too common and can seriously decrease the local population of bees.

What We Do

Here at Orlando Bee Removal Expert, we will remove bees for you humanely. We are not an Orlando pest control company, instead, we are the go-to Orlando bee removal experts who will get rid of your bees. The bees we collect are then put into honey production.

If you don’t want to use Orlando pest control, but instead would like for us to save the bees in your home then give Orlando Bee Removal Expert a call. We not only promise to protect the bees but to protect your home from bees.

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